Last Update:
EndoTech System Performance Use Case

(from Dec 17, 2018 till Dec 25, 2018) We set up the ET system to reduce risks in the event of slow December volatility. It introduced several profit targets: 

EndoTech New Year 2019 Release

Congratulations to our community on taking the next step into the EndoTech’s AI evolution! Today, December 24th, 2018, EndoTech is launching a New Year release that includes: 

How to connect ΣTBot™ to an exchange? (Update March 07, 2019)

Follow the instructions to connect your exchange account  (Kraken/ Bitfinex/Binance), as well as to split funds between the exchanges. 

EndoTech Q3 Major update

  The ΣTBot™ (beta) is at your service, officially operating on the Kraken Exchange! 

Bear Market? Who cares — Use EndoTech!

‘Bear Market? Who cares — Use EndoTech!’ One of the most accurate phrases ever published on social media.

Portfolio Recipes for Crypto Markets

Last year Crypto showed extreme potential for profits ranging from 10% to 1,000% per annum. Of course, in such a young and weakly regulated market, this high potential carried considerable risk. We recently analyzed risk and reward in this new environment.

Crypto Portfolio Investing: Can we have our cake and eat it too?

Crypto markets in the last year showed returns of 100% to 1000%. But after the recent market melt-down of 64% and a market struggling to find its reversal, we have been left with a few questions – will we see such returns again?