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Latest EndoTech Review – Artificial Intelligence Trading

On 23 April 2019, an unbiased and highly positive review on EndoTech’s AI-driven system was published by the reputable portal BinaryScamWatchMonitor. 

Bitcoin Exchange Guide’s independent review of EndoTech

Transparency. Reputation. Trust – the three pillars on which EndoTech is built. Read more:

EndoTech Spring 2019 Release

Dear current and potential customers, the first release in 2019 is finally live!  Read more to learn about new versions and features.

Applications of AI to Trading Crypto Currencies and how to get more women in AI & FinTech

EndoTech CEO Dr. Anna Becker was interviewed recently among the Fintech CEOs and Leaders.

Work of Dr. Anna Becker, CEO of EndoTech, inspired one of the top AI influencers

The article on How AI will impact your daily life in the 2020s   was published in February by Imtiaz Adam.

Season’s Greetings from EndoTech

Dear EndoTech community members, our current and future customers!

EndoTech System Performance Use Case

(from Dec 17, 2018 till Dec 25, 2018) We set up the ET system to reduce risks in the event of slow December volatility. It introduced several profit targets: 

EndoTech New Year 2019 Release

Congratulations to our community on taking the next step into the EndoTech’s AI evolution! Today, December 24th, 2018, EndoTech is launching a New Year release that includes: 

How to connect ΣTBot™ to an exchange? (Update May 04, 2020)

To easily connect to Binance (including futures trading), Kraken and Bitfinex as well as to split funds between the exchanges,  please follow the instructions. There is also an instruction for Gemini exchange connection.

EndoTech Q3 Major update

  The ΣTBot™ (beta) is at your service, officially operating on the Kraken Exchange!