Adam Rubin
25th October 2019, We are proud to present the EndoTech 2019 Autumn Release Notes!

We are proud to present the EndoTech 2019 Autumn Release Notes! It has been an interesting year for us all, both inside traditional markets such as Stocks, FX and Equities, along with the young and growing Crypto market.

We at EndoTech strive daily to improve, advance and distribute our award-winning and market-proven AI solutions for Fintech. Our company reinvests regularly into further key stage strategy development.

Our teams of analysts and Quant data science personnel are working to enhance connectivity, refine execution and evolve our Algorithms for both Retail & Institutional deployment on live funds.

We truly value each and every single one of our clients, as another year passes we are pleased to see so many of you remain steadfast in your loyalty to the program, to our team and our company.

We move as one into a more profitable future to enjoy together.

As we look ever forward from this moment on, our senior team and founders remain committed in every way to furthering the company performance, brand awareness, and territory.

Our vision is to dominate without needing to shout, to own our results and to stand in front of portfolio performance with pride, and of course to take exceptionally good care of each and every single client which connects with us.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and successful end to this year. May we all experience many more together as we proceed.

For further information regarding equity investment, Institutional or Retail account queries please contact our team directly via our website live chat at EndoTech Web or email directly to: .